PASS 01 TO 50




please be aware WRISTBANDS are sold separately.  You must purchase wristbands to access your camp site.



Common Questions and General Information

Where are these areas located?

Area 03 is located just Northwest of Southern Gap Outdoor Adventures in an existing grass field.  These 50 dry camping sites are located in a grass field just east of the access road and west of our vendor row.  These sites will not be numbered.  Simply show up and park anywhere in the area.  These spots are great for large groups looking to "circle the wagons" or for smaller set-up that require less space.  We are going to sell around 50 passes for this area and allow people to park where they want on a first come first serve basis. These spots will provide the best seat in the house to all the mini games, vendor row activities and mud bog while providing a price point to fit any budget.


How much are the camping passes?

Each pass is $60.

How many days are the camping passes good for?

Each pass is good for (5) five days and (4) four nights starting Wednesday July 22nd and Ending Sunday July 26th.

How can I purchase camping passes?

Camping passes can be pre-purchased through our website by using the link on this page. If spots do not sell out prior to the event passes can be purchased at entry gate when you arrive.

Does my camping pass purchase include any wristbands?

No.  Camping passes and wristbands are sold separately.  We did this to keep the cost as cheap as possible and wanted to make sure each participant only have to purchase what they need.

How can I purchase wristbands?

You can pre-purchase wristbands through the website or purchase them at the gate. We recommend purchasing them through the website to reduce wait times at the gate.   

Do I need wristbands to access my camping spot?

Yes, please be aware everyone in your vehicle will need wristbands to get through the entry gate to access your camping spot.  Wristbands are $10 per day or $25 for all five days, kids 12 and under are free.  

What is included with my wristband?

Once you have purchased your camping pass and your wristband everything else offered by UTV Takeover is FREE of charge.  This includes UTV/ATV Mud bogs, UTV Hillfest, (3) Group Rides, (3) Night Rides, UTV/ATV Barrel Racing, Blind Bandit Relay, Corn Hole Tourney, Mud Run, Farmers Dash, Rally Course, Drag Racing, Late For A Costume Party, Day & Night Show-N-Shines, Tire Toss Competition, Treasure Hunt, Rock-N-Roll Bingo, Kids Zone, Daily Raffles and access to our vendor row.

When can I check in?

The event starts on Thursday morning but you can check in starting Wednesday afternoon at 2:00 pm.  If you would like to arrive earlier please email us at info@utvtakeover.com to make sure your camping spot will be available.

When do I need to check out?

All participants are asked to clean their sites and check-out by noon on Sunday July 26th.  

Is there a charge for extra vehicles or trailers?

These sites are a little different than the other sites.  Other sites are marked and painted, therefore all vehicles must fit in the site and therefore there is no extra charge for extra vehicles.  However these sites do not have boundaries which makes them flexible to fit any size group.  Due to this flexibility and lack of marked lines on the ground we require each vehicle in this area to purchase a vehicle pass.


How do I access my camping spot?

All camping sites can be access off of Southern Gap Road.  Once you arrive on-site swing by one of our two gates to pick up your wristbands and camping passes.  You will also receive a full schedule and some general information about the event when you check-in.   Once your check-in process is complete our friendly staff will point you in the right direction to find your camping spot. 


Does my site have utilities?

No.  These are dry camping sites located in a parking lot  You will need to bring in your own water.  We recommend filling your tanks prior to arriving on-site.  Gray water is not permitted to be dumped in the parking lot or camping areas during the event.  If you need your tanks dumped or filled during the event please call SEPTIC INC. at (276) 597-7195 or (276) 244-0263.  They will be camped on-site and would be happy to service your trailer for a small fee.

Are campfires allowed in this area?

Campfires are allowed in this area.  If you would like to have a campfire participants are asked to bring in their own wood and above ground fire ring so that we do not damage the existing pavement.  If you do not have the proper equipment everyone is more than welcome to join us in the center of our vendor row.  We will have a large bonfire going all weekend.  We ask participants not to throw cans and garbage into the campfire.

Are there dumpsters in this area?

This area will have access to a 20-yard dumpster located near our vendor row.  We ask that all participants help keep the camping area clean by using our dumpsters or by packing out their own garbage when they leave.


Are there restrooms/showers in this area?

This area will have access to portable restrooms located throughout the event area.  Showers are NOT available in this area.

Is there fuel available on-site for my UTV/ATV?

There is NO fuel available for sale on-site during the event, however there is fuel available at the local gas stations located in Grundy.  Grundy is located just a short 5 min car ride from the site or a 30 min UTV ride from the site.  We recommend filling up before you show up.  Extra gas cans are always a good option to minimize the trips to town.


Is there a campground host in this area?

This area will NOT have a Campground Host; however, this area will be monitored throughout the day by our UTV TAKEOVER security team with assistance from our volunteers and Southern Gap Staff Members.